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Studia I Stopnia - Management in Business - Dzienne

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Szczegóły Studia I Stopnia - Management in Business - Dzienne - Poznań - Wielkopolskie

  • Profil słuchacza / Wymogi
    All applicants for a position at the Poznan University College of Business and Foreign Languages will be considered on their individual merits. Students may be admitted to the Management in Business Program, either for the Fall Semester (starting in October) or the Spring semester (starting in March) by meeting the following criteria: 1. A high school diploma or equivalent 2. Evidence of English proficiency for applicants whose first language is not English. The minimum language requirements are: - TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 500 (paper-based), 173 (computer-based), or 61 (internet-based); or - IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) score of 5.0; or - pass an evaluation conducted by English language instructors from our university college. Applicants who fail to meet the English language requirements can be granted a conditional admittance and will be given intensive English language training at our university college for up to 12 months prior to starting first year classes.
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    Bachelor in Management in Business
  • Szczegółowe informacje

    "The best little business university college in Europe you've never heard of ... yet." 

    Poznan University College of Business and Foreign Languages offers an English language Bachelor of Arts in Business Management in response to the changing needs of employers and markets in the European Union (EU) and the world. Our international student body in the heart of Europe reflects trends toward a globalized intercultural business environment where English has become a language of choice. Our curriculum is focused on the skills and knowledge you need for success. We know that your time is important. You can complete the program of study in three years at a very reasonable cost; tuition and fees come to 4,500 USD (United States Dollar) per academic year. For out of EU students the fee must be paid for the first two years in advance if your admission is granted before you apply for Polish visa. This comes to 9,000 USD. This rule does not apply to EU, American and Canadian citizens.

    Your dreams and ambitions are the source of our recognized excellence. In 2006, Poznan University College of Business and Foreign Languages was the only institution of higher learning in Poland to be awarded the European Institute of Quality Certificate. This year our university college was awarded an Erasmus University Charter for 2007-2013. Our mission is you. Your self development is the benchmark by which we evaluate our own performance. We are in the business of building business intellects for an ever increasingly interconnected and intercultural world.

    One of our central goals is the development of further cooperation with European University Charter Schools and other universities and colleges outside of Europe through faculty and student exchanges. Agreements between our college, and both Adam Mickiewicz University and the Poznan University of Economics enables our students to continue their studies at these particular schools and get a master's degree. Poland's EU membership and our EU accreditation provides our graduates with opportunities to study at European or American graduate schools. Our college has full cooperation agreements with Tampere University of Technology in Tampere, Finland, Agder University College, Norway, Partium Christian University in Oradea, Romania, and Debrecen University in Debrecen, Hungary; and exchange agreements with the University of Louisville in the United States of America, and the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. Our commitment to the synergy of ideas is underscored by our sponsoring international conferences. This year our international management conference is entitled, Innovation in management: The cutting edge of Business Education and Practice in Epoch of Global Collaboration. 

    Poznan University College of Business and Foreign Languages is a private undergraduate institution founded on 3 October 2001. We were established in accordance with the provisions of Poland's National Education Act, 29 June 1997. Having been fully accredited by the Polish Ministry of National Education and Sports, our university college has been entered into the National Registry of Private Higher Vocational Institutions. We meet all EU standards for awarding bachelor of arts degrees.

    Poznan is known as the birthplace of Poland. Poznan Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Poland, was built on the 10th and 11th century tombs of the first Polish kings. Poznan, the fifth largest city in Poland, is located halfway between Berlin and Warsaw. With a population of over 600,000 inhabitants, Poznan has traditionally been and remains a vital center for culture, banking and commerce. Today, the city's vibrant and stable economy continues to attract both Polish and foreign investment. Poznan is a city with twenty-four institutions of higher learning and has a university student population of some 130,000. Poznan's economic dynamism, healthy environment, and moderate climate all make it a great place to live and study.

    Our school is an integral part of Poznan, and as such, we encourage all our students to be involved with the local community. Many of our international students have been fully integrated into our university college's community service programs, such as, teaching foreign languages to disadvantaged children and violence prevention programs. As an example of community involvement, many of our faculty members and international students participated in the Poznan Festival of Science and Art, "Openings to the World," 10-12 October 2007, giving presentations on a variety of topics.


    You can complete your bachelor degree requirements in three years. The focus of our English language bachelor of arts degree in business management is a combination of the theoretical and the practical in the context of international and intercultural management. Our curriculum has achieved superb results because of its focus on personalized intellectual growth, creative applications of e-learning and an extensive use of the case study method. Students are encouraged to develop broad global perspectives, and to think critically and creatively.

    The following is the general three-year curriculum for our students:

     First Year

      Information Technology
      Labor Law
      European Union Law
      Basics of Management
      The Art and Science of Self-Presentation
      Marketing Research
      Interpersonal Communication
      Management of Logistics
      Business Ethics
      Research Methodology
      Physical Education
      Foreign Language:
                 - English
                 - German
                 - Polish

     Second Year    


      Quality Management
      Market and Marketing Research
      Modern World History
      Global Thinking
      History of Economic Thought
      Intercultural Communication
      International Logistics and Trade
      Bachelor's Thesis Methodology Seminar
      Foreign Language:
                 - English in Business and Economics         
                 - German in Business and Economics
                 - General Polish

     Third Year

      Strategic Management
      Production Management
      Marketing of Trade and Services
      Marketing Planning and Management
      Organizational Behavior
      International Trade Agreements
      International Politics
      International Finance
      Legal Aspects of International Management
      Intercultural Negotiation and Team Work
      Directed Research and Bachelor's Thesis
      Foreign Language:
                 - English in Business and Economics
                 - German in Business and Economics
                 - General Polish

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