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Szczegóły Master Green Architecture - W ciągu tygodnia - Wismar - Niemcy

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    Master Green Architecture :

    Key benefits.
    • various excursions
    • german university degree M.Sc.
    • holistic concepts for green buildings
    • 4 semester / 90 credits
    Develop holistic concepts for green building:

    The part time Master´s programme 'Green Architecture' will be offered by the Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design (Germany).

    The aim of our professional studies course 'Master Green Architecture' is to provide the complexity and the technical knowledge necessary for 'ecological building' designing. The inter-university degree programme provides knowledge about ecosystems, sustainable technical cycles, urban and building ecology, in particular energy saving and building construction, planning and design aspects. This will teach you how to apply scientific methods to convey and develop your own ideas independently. Our professors and lecturers are themselves practicing architects, scientists and researchers from a variety of universities and research institutes who bring with them innovation and academic experience to accompany your projects.

    The compulsary seminars will be held over one week each semester. Students that are attending will need to travel to the following locations: Wismar, Berlin, Herne and Freiburg. 

    After graduating in this programme the student will achieve the international accrediteted degree 'Master of Science (M.Sc.)'. 

    Career options.

    Would you like to be a part of our interdisciplinary and team-oriented master programme and learn how to design a good architecture worldwide, by considering of our environment?

    Intention and Goal.

    The theme building and environment has become on one of the most important topics regarding the future of building. It is deemed essential in the rapidly growing cities with large, mostly underdeveloped infrastructure, as well as in developed regions, which are often elaborately constructed, yet incorporate no sustainable concepts which value the environment. The goal, to establish and reinforce sustainable and holistically considered standards of practice, requires necessary changes to the whole planning and building process.   


    A "Master of Science" degree will present you with multiple career opportunities and promotion prospects, as an employee or as an independent practitioner. 

    Professional Fields of Work
    Specialists are increasingly sought after in both the commercial and public environments, for the promotion of large building projects, as well as in the private sector, for smaller development requests. The areas of work range from master planning of cities and regional developments, to building design and the application of materials.


    Would you like to be awarded an international Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree on the end of your study which will present you with multiple career opportunities and promotion prospects as an employee or as an independent practitioner?

    The distance learning programme Master Green Architecture is accredited by ASIIN.

    Accreditation of the Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree supports the possibility of entry into higher civil service careers and your rights to a promotion. 


    Would you like to learn more about building life time designing and know how to develop integrated ecological concepts for buildings as well as urban areas?

    The inter-university distance learning programm Master Green Architecture is concerned with the fundamental aspects of sustainable, ecological planning and building.

    In the third semester you can extend your knowledge by electing to specialise in a subject area (urban development or building materials). 

    Semester 1

    • Fundamentals
    • Planning and design: existing buildings
    • Energy evaluations of buildings
    Semester 2

    • Planning and design: new buildings, Design project I
    • Building Materials/ Pollutants
    • Water and Landscape - the building and its surroundings
    • Ecological holistic concepts: the building and its surrounding
    Semester 3

    • Specialisation A: Urban Planning
    • Specialisation B: Design and Construction in existig contexts
    Semester 4

    • Master Seminar

    Would you like to be a part of our international group, take part in our on-campus weekly workshops and visit meaningful sustainable buildings in Germany?

    The distance learning programm Master Green Architecture is a part time and career-integrating study comprising of a standard four semesters of study.

    Self-directed study is combined with seminars (attended in person) and on-line lectures in the form of telephone conferences. The programme, on account of the large quantity of independent study and with regard to contents, is structured so that you decide yourself when to engage in study. The obligatory seminars will be held over one week per semester. Attendees will need to travel to our national locations: Wismar, Berlin, Herne and Freiburg.

    As a rule, the supplementary telephone conferences take place in the time before the attended seminars. During the telephone conferences you discuss with your lecturer fundamental questions or work on relevant exam questions.

    With this curriculum we guarantee optimal compatibility of your studies and your professional activities.

    Teaching Methods.

    The Master Green Architecture is a four-semester programme you complete while working. There are self-study phases (with tutorial support) combined with seminars and telephone conferences. Because of the high proportion of self-study, it is up to you when you work with your study topics. Our programme stands out thanks to its extensive individual support. Your lecturers and your course coordinators are available online and by phone throughout your studies for personal discussions and questions.

    To ensure you can optimally balance studying and working and the best possible preparation for exams, our distance learning approach combines the following modules:

    Self-directed Study.

    At the beginning of the semester you will receive your semester package containing all relevant study materials. This package contains technical books, textbooks, specially designed study guides and instructions as well as digital presentations from your lecturers. There are also other tools and resources you can use in your professional practice. Through the electronic availability of study materials we guarantee the local, temporal and technical independence of your distance learning study.

    Seminars to be Attended in Person.

    Seminars are organised at the beginning and the end of every semester, where you will have the opportunity to discuss in detail any issues with your lecturers, as well as build up a personal network within your study group. The seminars provide additional seminar-style adjusting of the study contents.

    Telephone Conferences.

    Telephone conferences generally assist the preparation and follow-up of the seminars and discussions of examination performances. They are a good opportunity to discuss any issues with your lecturer and your study group.

    Online campus.

    The Online Campus is available for data exchange for the duration of your study. In your personal download section, you will receive all important teaching and study organisation information - it's where all additional digital teaching materials are placed, as well as other tools and practical examples.

    Group work.

    Specific projects or homework is developed together in small study groups. On one hand this strengthens your contextual understanding while on the other it allows you to develop your social competence. In the end, the idea is that you are able to apply the knowledge you have acquired in specific examples.

    Examaninations and Master-Thesis.

    Each module ends with an exam. Your lecturer will inform you about the type of exam you will have to take at the start of the semester. They are generally written exams, homework or project work. At the end of your studies you will write your Master-Thesis, a scietific work with an individual topic chosen by the student.

    Study locations.

    The seminars for the Master Green Architecture distance learning programme areheld in various locations throughout Germany - generally in combination with module related excursions. Excursions provide a glimpse of what daily working practice is all about. The locations will be announced at the beginning of your studies.


    Would you like to work and study at the same time at any place over the world and have an opportunity to apply your gained knowledges directly in your planning?

    The seminars for the Master Green Architecture distance learning programme are held in various locations throughout Germany - generally in combination with module related excursions. Excursions provide an insight into what the daily working practice involves. 

    By holding the seminars in a variety of locations, this has proven to be a great success (in other programmes offered by WINGS) and has been accepted and supported by the students.

    Study locations: Wismar, Berlin, Herne and Freiburg.

    Time Considerations.

    The curriculum was designed on the basis that you should spend approximately 15 hours a week studying.

    According to previous experience, it is possible this figure may be lower.  With this organisation we guarantee that your study is compatible with your professional, full time activities.

    The obligatory seminars will be held over one week per semester. Attendees will need to travel to the following locations: Wismar, Berlin, Herne and Freiburg.

    Admission Requirement.

    The Master Green Architecture distance learning programme is a further education programme. To be admitted into our programme you need to meet the following requirements:

    • academic degree (Bachelor's, Master's, Diploma) in Architecture completed with a minimum of 180 credit points obtained from a national or international university, and
    • at least one year of professional work experience within the related field after completing your academic degree
    Please contact us to discuss in detail the admission requirements related to your personal situation.

    Expenses and financing.

    • teaching and examination costs
    • costs of the Master Thesis
    • studying material
    • event catering
    • costs for excursions during seminars
    • as well as accommodation expenses during the seminars
    You can also pay the semester fee in monthly instalments. We are happy to discuss this with you individually.

    There are a variety of sources of funding available depending on your nationality, employment and other factors.

    Private Financing.

    Our distance learning course is structured to meet the needs of working professionals, so you can complete your studies while maintaining your professional and financial stability. In many countries the government promotes your further education through individual tax incentives. Depending on your individual income and your professional situation, you can claim the expenses of the distance learning course as a tax deductible expense where you may be able to receive total or partial reimbursement. For more detailed information, please contact your tax consultant or your local tax office.

    Financing by the Employer.

    Many companies support the further education of their employees by granting a leave of absence or financial support. Within your work contract there may also be the possibility to integrate your qualification aims into a personal development programme.


    WINGS and the University of Wismar do not provide any scholarships. But we can assist you when you require help in obtaining.

    WINGS - Wismar University.

    WINGS - Wismar International Graduation Services Company founded in 2004 - offers extra-occupational online and part time programmes as well as certified further education for working professionals. Its subject areas include business, technology and design with a state college of further education certificate. With around 4,500 part time students and 650 further education participants at ten locations around the country as well as Berlin and Munich, WINGS is one of the leading state distance-learning providers in Germany. WINGS is now also offering international part time studies for professionals at study centres in Cape Town, Bangkok, Singapore and Surabaya.

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