WINGS - Wismar University:

Thank you for your interest in the part time studies and further education programmes at Wismar University of Applied Sciences (Germany).
Wismar University is an advanced and innovative education and research institution with over 100-years of academic excellence. It is an international university that is practice and business oriented with over 8,500 students studying both on-campus and through online or part time.

WINGS - Wismar International Graduation Services Company founded in 2004 - offers extra-occupational online and part time programmes as well as certified further education for working professionals. Its subject areas include business, technology and design with a state college of further education certificate. With around 4,500 part time students and 650 further education participants at ten locations around the country as well as Berlin and Munich, WINGS is one of the leading state distance-learning providers in Germany. WINGS is now also offering international part time studies for professionals at study centres in Cape Town, Bangkok, Singapore and Surabaya. 

Due to several contacts in Europe, the Baltic region, America, Latin America, Asia and in particular South-East-Asia, a variety of intercultural characteristics can be distinctively found in our research and teaching methods. Currently there are students from all over the world participating in our part time studies for professionals.

WINGS-Professional-Studies - is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wismar University. The Company was founded out of the 1954 founded distance and further education center as "WINGS" on April 1st 2004. In this way, the Wismar University has made its academic competence accessible to an extended group of students for decades. Today, WINGS-Professional-Studies is one of the leading state distance learning providers in Germany.

On behalf of the University of Wismar, WINGS is responsible for the organizational implementation of the distance learning courses and part-time studies for professionals with Bachelor, Diploma and Master degrees, as well as certified further education in the areas of business, technology and design. 

The headquarters of WINGS is located in Wismar. Further national and international locations ensure the availability of study programs during the presence phases.

History of courses from WINGS - Wismar University (Germany):

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