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Master in Sport and Lifestyle Management

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Szczegóły Master in Sport and Lifestyle Management - W ciągu tygodnia - Rzym - Włochy

  • Szczegółowe informacje
    Master in Sport and Lifestyle Management.

    With students from more than 140 countries around the world, Rome Business School’s Master in Sport & Lifestyle Management is the ideal choice for professionals looking for a world-class degree programme to start or consolidate a successful career in the international sports sector.

    • Duration: 12 months
    • Language: English
    • Formula: Rome, Dubai or Online


    With students from more than 140 countries around the world, Rome Business School’s Master in Sport & Lifestyle Management is the ideal choice for professionals looking for a world-class degree programme to start or consolidate a successful career in the international sports sector. The quality of the teaching coupled with our leading career and networking services make this programme the perfect fit for those who seek to excel in today’s job market and in global business. The world of sport has undergone profound changes in recent years, with a growing focus on health, well-being, therapeutic recovery, and socialization. Professionals who are prepared and better able to face the challenges of this new industry will find new job opportunities and upward mobility.The Sport industry is the ultimate sophistication of the entertainment industry. From live events to media, TV and Internet broadcasting; from Professional Sport Teams to Private Exclusive Sport Clubs. The management of these industries entities has experienced deep changes, requiring a new class of professionals skilled both in event management, media management, sport management and tourism management. The Client’s final satisfaction passes through several key issues that only a highly specialized Manager will be able to interpret, a skilled professional able to solve the possible overlapping between Lifestyle, Luxury and needs of both physical and mental health, and to manage and carry to success such sport ventures.

    Target Recipients.

    The Master in Sport & Lifestyle Management is aimed at:

    • New graduates and undergraduates (subject to interview);
    • Young persons who wish to start a career in the Sport & Entertainment industry;
    • Professionals in the Sport Industry willing to fulfill their knowledge with contacts with some of the most influent peers of the worldwide sports environment and industry.
    The attendees, who aspire to set out a path to grow within their organization, or to start up their own enterprise, willing to enlarge their perspective of this market and/or to complete their professional training by getting a certification strictly conceived for the Sports industry, will greatly benefit from this program.

    Structure (duration – 1 year).

    • Six months of lectures
    • Six months dedicated to international internships and project work
    • Visits at international companies and organizations
    • Integrative cultural programme
    • Seminars and events 

    Modes of attendance.

    This Master course can be attended in English, either on campus or by distance learning, in Part-Time formula (2 three hours lectures per week).


    • Introduction to the Sport Industry and linkage to the Entertainment IndustrySport & Lifestyle – The right segment to be
    • Strategic Management – How to define the Vision of a Sport Venture
    • Human Resources Management: Hiring strategy between Sport Alcoholics, Fans and Professionals
    • Accounting Rules: athlete’s contracts sponsorship contract betting
    • The Sport Company Assets: the Brand, The Roster, The Stadium
    • Principles of Financial Management
    • The economics of a Sport Venture
    • Project Management for events including media content, sport center and touristic destination
    • Business Plan Design and Sale
    • Principles of Sport Marketing
    • Operative Marketing Digital Marketing: Building a Fan Base, Communities, and Financial Trust
    • Selling Merchandising: licensing or direct distribution
    • Media Rights Sizing the value of a sponsorship
    • Setting the right price of a Sport Offer Life Cycle of a Sport Proposition
    • Communications
    • Brand Identity Management & Bonding
    • Role of Advertising
    • CRM
    • Brand Content Storytelling and Content Management
    • Social Responsibility & Sustainability
    • A new product definition
    • Sport & Lifestyle
    • Cool Hunting: Where is the Sport Industry going to? Dying Sports and Evolving Sports

    Career Services.

    Attending this Master’s Degree course entitles to:

    • International internships at leading companies and organizations;
    • The inclusion of your CV in the Rome Business School’s database and its distribution to businesses, organizations and head hunters belonging to the Rome Business School’s international network;
    • A free CV review;
    • Support in the management of job interviews;
    • Networking meetings with international managers, professionals and business owners;
    • A personalized search and flagging service for the best job opportunities in Italy and abroad.
    At the end of the Master, the students will be able to strengthen their professionalism or start their careers in relation to professional profiles such as:

    • Sports Marketing Manager. Specialists capable of integrating corporate know-how with their own knowledge. From the study phase to the conceptual and design phase, right up to the opening of the company, the students will be able to take care of designing, managing, and developing a new marketing plan.
    • Sport Event Manager. Professionals who meet the needs of event production companies, public institutions in the case of great events such as Olympic Games and World Championships of any discipline.
    • Sport Center Manager. Sport Centers are becoming multinational corporation and need managers able to move from country to country to share best practices and apply new development techniques.
    • Sport Hotel Communication Director. Sport Travelling is one of the ultimate sophistication of the luxury touristic industry. Sports activities are matched with gourmand experiences and cultural exhibitions creating packages to be sold through sophisticated commercial strategies and exclusive communication tools.
    • Sport Media Marketing & Sales Manager. Televisions, OTT Platforms are the digital future of the video entertainment which more and more often lands on the mobile and enriches the Sport Offer with a side dishes even more valuable than a final soccer match vision on your tablet.
    • Sport Federation PR Manager. Those who are interested in the big picture will have the chance of understanding the social and economic impact of the Sport Industry and being ready to support Institutions such as Sport Federations in the creation of the resources necessary to promote the Sport Culture in a given Country.

    Learning Objectives.

    On completing the programme, participants will be able to:

    • Identify and develop effective managerial strategies for Sport industry companies such as Sports Media, Sports Club, Sports Association, Sports Event Production, Fitness & Leisure Gyms, SPA and Sports Hotel.
    • Develop a business plan
    • Utilize the most advanced marketing techniques to promote Sports Complexes, Sports Teams, Sports Events, Sports touristic destinations.
    • Apply planning, financial management, and management control principles to the Sports industry.
    • Understand and utilize project management techniques.
    • Understand and apply process and supply chain techniques to the Sports industry
    • Master the use of new technologies within the Sports industry
    • Understand the Sports industry start-up ecosystem

    World Class Teachers.

    The Master’s Degree course faculty is made up of highly selected international university professors, trainers and business managers, drawn from a variety of operational and professional fields and thus able to bring to the table a rich array of up-to-date experiences and competencies. The teaching approach is aimed at the acquisition of know-how, thus at transferring competencies truly useful for the attendees’ professional development.


    Rome Business School’s Master in Sport and Lifestyle Management is accredited by VIU – Universidad Internacional de Valencia. At the completion of the course you will therefore be awarded with a double certification: a diploma from Rome Business School and one from UCAM, with 60 internationally recognized university credits (60 ECTS).


    For both the on-campus and the distance-learning courses, attendees can always count on the assistance of a tutor for any clarifications they may require, for the completion of the tests and exercises required by each module and for the final project.

    Learning Materials.

    Students registered for the Master’s Degree course will be issued with a wealth of learning materials, including slides, textbooks, case studies, articles, videos, and useful internet links.

    Registering In The Rome Business School’s Alumni Association.

    Attendance in the Master’s Degree course entitles to become part of the Rome Business School’s Alumni Association, the international network through which students of the Rome Business School can share ideas, experiences, and projects. Many facilitations are also available for attending further training courses.


    The Rome Business School prizes intercultural exchange as a source of personal and professional development. Students from 5 continents regularly attend its courses.

    Entry requirements.

    All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Those with relevant professional qualifications or extensive professional experience will also be considered. Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency during an interview. For both the on-campus and distance learning options and in order to ensure a high-quality training course, classes can consist of a maximum of 15 attendees.

    Admission Process.

    Submit your application, attaching your CV and your motivational letter in English.

    The Rome Business School recruitment team will evaluate your request and will contact you if further documents are required. The complete applications will be examined by the academic selection committee. All candidates deemed suitable by the selection committee will support an interview with one of our specialists. The interview can take place in presence or remotely via Skype. Within 2 days of the interview, we will send you an email reply indicating the result of the application and the information necessary to complete the registration. In case of a negative outcome, you will still receive an official communication.

    The deadline for international students is 45 days from the beginning of the course and for EU students it is 15 days from the beginning of the course. Applications will be evaluated according to the order of the submission date.


    For each teaching formula, partial scholarships are available to cover part of the tuition fee. Scholarships will be assigned based on the personal, experiential and technical-motivational profile of the candidates.


    The payment of the participation fee is installable. In the case of payment of the participation fee in a single solution, the student will benefit from a 10% discount.

    Career Services:

    During your time at Rome Business School, you will be taking the next important step on your career ladder. The aim of the Career Services team is to help and empower you in this journey!

    Your journey towards a satisfying future career begins with self-discovery. There are many paths before you, and together we can find the right one to follow by assessing your skills, strengths, interests, values, and personality.

    Rome Business School’s Career Services Department offers an exclusive and integrated set of services in order to support our students on their professional growth and to provide them a competitive advantage in the job market on an international scale.

    Discover what the Career Services Department can do for you in terms of assistance, guidance, and resources.

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