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3-year BA Progam-International Relations - Dzienne

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Szczegóły 3-year BA Progam-International Relations - Dzienne - Warszawa - Mazowieckie

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    Who should consider enrolling in the International Relations in English program? * International students who intend to pursue careers in applied settings where international relations-related policy is formulated and implemented. * Students who wish to gain a general education in social sciences and plan on pursuing careers which require good command of written and spoken English. * Poles living abroad and students of Polish descent considering relocating to Poland and wanting to ease their reintegration into the Polish community.
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    3-year BA Program-International Relations

    The Department of International Relations was Collegium Civitas’ first department to introduce its core courses through the medium of the English language. International Relations is one of the fastest growing fields within the social sciences due to public policy formation at national level being dependent on international factors to a degree higher than ever before. Furthermore, business, political and non-governmental organizations have to take into account the increasingly international context in which they function. The Department concentrates its research and teaching efforts in three areas: Diplomacy, the European Union, and Strategic Studies.

    The BA and MA Programs offered by the Department combine the theory of the basic international relations disciplines with a pragmatic focus. A considerable portion of the International Relations Programs is devoted to the development of analytical skills and practical knowledge of conducting debates and negotiations. Students attain a sound knowledge of history and of international relations theories, and this knowledge, in combination with rigorous practical training, allows students to apply International Relations practices in various professional settings, particularly, but not exclusively, in government.

    The Chair of the Department of International Relations is Professor Wojciech Roszkowski. The Vice Chair is Dr Julian Pankow. For more information please contact Ms Paulina Codogni, an assistant to the Head of the Department, at paulina.codogni@collegium.edu.pl

    Why study international relations in English?
    English has become the international language of IR and is now a sine qua non for making scholarly contributions. Studying International Relations requires a firm grasp of the current literature, most which is available only in English. No IR specialist can succeed without the ability to write in English clearly and engagingly. Many students have realized that trying to master English as an entirely separate endeavor is no longer a viable strategy. Thus, studying IR in English at Collegium is a wise investment in future career successes.

    Key social, economic and political problems must now be seen at a trans-national level rather than at the level of an individual state. Accordingly, as a discipline of social sciences IR has become one of the fastest growing and one of the most exciting fields of studies. Our International Relations Program is interdisciplinary while focusing on the role of "New Europe" in the new world order. The program draws on the best practices of North-American schools of international relations.

    The program emphasizes combining theory of the basic disciplines of international relations with a strong pragmatic focus. Our intention is to offer students a non-traditional curriculum allowing them to understand contemporary international relations. A considerable portion of the IR program is devoted to developing practical debating and negotiation skills. Students acquire a sound knowledge of fundamental IR theories and a rigorous training on applying IR practices in various professional settings, particularly in government and business.

    The Department of International Relations was Collegium's first department to introduce its core courses in the English language. The Department concentrates on three areas: Diplomacy, Strategic Studies, and the European Union.
    The Department Faculty
    While we have recruited faculty from abroad, most of our regular faculty members teache courses in the International Relations in English Program.

    3-year BA Program: Obligatory Courses

    1. Introduction to Law
    2. Microeconomics
    3. Macroeconomics
    4. Statistics
    5. Social and Economic Geography
    6. Philosophy
    7. World History 1914 - 1949
    8. World History since 1949
    9. Introduction to International Relations
    10. Theory of International Relations
    11. Introduction to Sociology
    12. Introduction to Political Science
    13. Academic Writing
    14. Advanced Academic Writing

    15. Foreign Language


    1. World Economic History
    2. Contemporary Economics Policy
    3. International Economics
    4. Comparative Politics
    5. International Public Law
    6. International Organizations
    7. Foreign Policy in Poland
    8. Demography
    9. Physical Education

    10. Foreign Language


    1. Public Administration
    2. Strategic Studies (lecture and games)
    3. Introduction to European Integration
    4. European Civilisation

    5. BA Seminar
    6. Foreign Language

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