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  • Praktyki
    Polish is not easy to learn. Our main objective in developing a method for teaching a difficult language is: to teach in an effective and interesting way.

    What all students first of all expect from the course is the result – they want to learn Polish. This is why the result of the didactic process – the answer to the question whether the course has fulfilled the students’ expectations and needs – is so important. What counts is the gained skills and reaching the target level of the knowledge of Polish which was determined at the beginning of the course.
    How does our method help to achieve these goals?

    * At the beginning of each course students take a placement test which consists of a written part and an oral one. There is a short interview to define the student’s needs – he or she answers such important questions as: why do you want to learn Polish? which skills are the most important for you? what are your expectations?, etc.
    The results of the test and the needs analysis serve as the basis to choose an appropriate course type.
    Beginners do not write any test but they take part in the needs analysis.
    * We teach in very small groups – a maximum of 5 persons!!!, thanks to which we can tailor the teaching programme to the individual needs of EVERY student.
    * On the basis of the students’ needs we prepare our teaching programs for groups at different levels of proficiency. Each program assumes developing all language skills but the students’ needs are our priority. We emphasize SPEAKING – most of the learners first of all want to SPEAK Polish. However, effective communication in Polish won’t be possible without knowledge of grammar.
    This is why we combine the development of all language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) with teaching various language elements (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling).
    * We constantly monitor the didactic process: during the course we conduct surveys in which students express their opinions about the course, progress tests and observations of our teachers.
    At the end of each course, students write a final test. On the basis of the results of this test and all the tests conducted during the course we prepare a progress report for every student. It describes the student’s progress for every language skill and also includes the teacher’s guidelines as to further learning.

    Apart from the result of teaching it is also the MEANS that count – the answer to the question of HOW to teach. On the basis of our students’ expectations we design an interesting programme and decide on its content. We concentrate on the question WHAT to teach but also HOW to do it.
    Our method provides answers to these questions:

    * We make the best of the lesson time. Thanks to the small class size each student has the opportunity to take an active part in the lesson. We expect that our students participate in classes and we know how to motivate them to do their homework.
    * From the very lowest levels we speak Polish only. We provide authentic communicative situations for the participants concentrating on the development of all language skills.
    * We care about making our lessons interesting. Polish is difficult – there’s nothing to be done – but with us for sure it’s always fun!
    We use communicative methods and we pay attention to constant revision of the new material.
    During lessons we often use didactic materials prepared by ourselves – there are games, drawing, singing and fun.
    * We use authentic materials such as Polish newspapers, films or TV programmes. We emphasize contact with the living language.
    The classroom sometimes becomes a shop, sometimes a restaurant, cinema, the doctor’s office or a street.
    * The course is enriched with a cultural programme – during our evening meetings you can take part in a Polish wedding, find out how to prepare “pierogi” and explore Krakow.
    * All our programmes are based on generally accepted language levels (see table below). We use approved and proven course books supported with our own materials.
  • Szczegółowe informacje
    GENERAL COURSES  are organized throughout the whole school/academic year (from October to June) on 7 different levels of proficiency!

    This is a great alternative for those who do not like learning in a group or who cannot come to classes regularly.
    • times and frequency of the meetings are established by the needs of the students
    • classes can be cancelled or moved to another day or time.
    • the number of hours and the program of the course can be tailored to the expectations of the
      participants (individually created based upon a needs analysis)
    • classes can start and finish at any time.
    A Polish Language Course with lots of fun. Very small groups, short lessons - the programme written especially for the youngest children! We sing and draw a lot - we play with the Polish language and watch Polish cartoons.
    Times and frequency of the meetings are established by the needs of the students. In addition, all COURSE participants are offered:
    • film and discussion clubs: additional conversation opportunities for people who have a higher level of proficiency
    • meetings regarding certification exams for Polish as a foreign language for those persons interested (also exam workshops for everyone who is taking or would like to pass an exam)
    • group trips around Krakow - sightseeing and more...
    • a small library for persons who can read well and would like the opportunity to develop this ability under the direction of a teacher
    • writing workshops in Polish (letters, formal e-mails, and for those more talented - stories, descriptions... and even poetry)
    • Polish culture evenings - meetings concerning Polish customs and traditions. Some of the suggested topics are: Polish wedding, Christmas, St. Andrew's Day party, culinary clubs - how to cook "pierogi" and "zur." We guarantee active participation and unforgettable experiences!
    The objective of the certification courses is to prepare the participants to take Panstwowy Egzamin Certyfikatowy (the State Certificate in Polish as a foreign language).These courses are aimed at people who have reached an adequate level of proficiency. Depending on the exam this should be level B1, B2 or C2. For more information go to: www.buwiwm.edu.pl/certyfikacja

    We offer a free test checking the level of proficiency to all those who are interested in taking the exam.
    The emphasis of the course is put on practicing techniques necessary for tackling different exam parts (grammar, writing, reading, speaking and listening).
    Therefore, it is not designed to develop your general knowledge of the language but to prepare you to pass the exam and obtain a good grade!!!
    You can participate in the certification course and at the same time attend a general course.

    * At the end of the course the participants take a mock exam prepared by our Methodology Director
    * Exam courses are organised both in the school year and during summer holidays.
    * The time and frequency of the lessons, as well as the duration of the course are arranged according to the applicants’ needs.
    * You can register for an exam in our school

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