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    This Training package is encompassed in a variety of attributes connected with communication as a whole. It is therefore important to highlight the relevance of  emotional, psychological and physical state in communication. In essence, apart from the core of communication, I will exegete on some additional aspects such as emotional intelligence, assertiveness, culture and all in all general soft skills.

    Business communication is the Totality of all business activity that involves transfer of information within and outside a business environment in order to achieve certain business objectives. Business communication should be targeted at effectiveness and  efficiency.

    Training objectives:
    • To understand the complete dynamics of communication, improve the use of body language and effect personal impact.
    • To gain more confidence in communicating with people in all business and real life situations.
    • To acquire soft in everyday business contact and improve business etiquette skills.
    • To acquire exceptional skills in the use of mobile and business teleconferencing.
    • To achieve Enhanced and strengthened leadership ability.
    • To acquire skills in delivering excellent presentation, professional writing and self management in meetings.

    This training will help you to:
    • Improve your Business English language skills especially for everyday business endeavor.
    • Acquire confidence in business communication as well as credibility with your listener.
    • Understand the psychology of communication and develop great listening and responding skills.
    • Develop a great sense of ease, availability and pleasure in communicating in English particularly for business purposes.
    • Write unique mails and prepare presentations in a more magnetic and magical style.
    • Strengthen professional, personal relationships and help you find your own voice in real life situations especially in contributing your opinions when necessary.
    • Be empowered with skills to communicate more effectively and especially within teams.
    • Understand cultural patterns, etiquette, values and how to manage communication barriers.
    Training methodology:
    • Slides
    • Video Clip
    • Audio CD
    • Role play
    • Case Study

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