Course of Modern Hebrew – Level 3 - e-learning

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Szczegóły Course of Modern Hebrew – Level 3 - Online

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    Course of Modern Hebrew – Level 3.

    Become more fluent in Hebrew and learn how to express yourself to your family members and friends in Israel. Bring Israel into your home and feel closer to your roots.

    Level: Intermediate
    Weekly Hours: 2 hrs
    Duration: 9 Monts
    Language: English

    Course Description:

    Enhance your vocabulary and improve your Hebrew reading and writing skills. You'll see a significant improvement in your speaking skills by the end of the course.

    Course developer:

    Tamar Weyl.

    Modern Hebrew, Academic Director & Developer

    A Few Words About Me
    Tami Weyl was a senior lecturer at the Rothberg International School for Foreign Students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tami Weyl has been serving as the director of the pre-academic program for new immigrants at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Tami Weyl has dedicated her career in educational content development of the studies of the Hebrew language. She has published educational books, students booklets and even a series of computer applications designed to enrich vocabulary, grammar and proper use of language. Tami has been a member of  of the education committee of the Hebrew department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 1979. She strongly believes in the effectiveness of the combination between language acquisition and computers, and in taking an active part in making your dreams a reality. Therefore, she has been developing multimedia applications for teaching Hebrew since 1990.

    Tami Weyl holds a B.A. degree in Hebrew Language and Sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She also has an Education Certificate with the specialization in Hebrew Language and Literature. In 1982, Tami Weyl was endowed of the Hebrew Language on behalf of the Committee for Language Endowment.

    Professional Experience
    Tami Weyl is an experienced academic educator and academic content developer. She has taught countless Hebrew courses in various institutions to teachers and students from all around the world, including the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, France. As part of her position in the Hebrew department, she has been teaching Hebrew, writing materials for academic courses and exams, advising, and managing. She is experienced with linguistic counseling to the Ministry of Education in France and is a member of a research team at the School of Education in Israel. Together with other colleagues, Tami Weyl has published several books and academic articles on various topics concerning the Hebrew language.

    Shira Cohen-Regev, MS MSW.
    Biblical Hebrew, Academic Developer

    A Few Words About Me
    Shira Cohen-Regev finds the combination of teaching Hebrew and e-learning appealing and challenging and enjoys every minute of virtually teaching Hebrew. Shira believes in virtual schools and online education. Shira is one of the leaders at the Ministry-of-Education of Gender-Equality Unit. She has also developed and taught online courses in professional development for teachers. Shira has a passion for teaching and writing and she incorporates these passions into all of her occupations. She is believes that the best way to teach a language to children and adults is by working with the students on an individual and small-group basis.

    Shira Cohen-Regev holds an M.A. degree in Child Development and Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

    Professional Experience
    Shira Cohen-Regev specializes in education and the development of educational programs. She has been teaching classes, both to students and teachers, for over 20 years. Shira taught and tutored Hebrew as a Second Language at the University of Pittsburgh. Here at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, she taught online courses of all levels of Hebrew and developed content for Modern Hebrew courses. She is also the developer of the academic course of Biblical Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. Currently, Shira is training and instructing new teachers of Modern & Biblical Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies..

    Syllabus Summary

        Present tense verb.
        In this unit we’ll go over all the groups of present tense verbs we know, as preparation for learning the past tense!

        Simple verbs – Ayin-Vav group.
        Danny's aunt has arrived for a visit, and all day long she sings opera. What can he do?Danny is very tired…

        Where did you live a year ago?
        In this unit, we'll learn past tense conjugation of pa'al-stem verbs, of the Ayin-Vav type. By the end of the unit we'll know how to tell where we lived a year ago, and when was the last time we flew to Israel.

        Birthday presents.
        In this unit we'll deepen our understanding of the subject of noun constructs. We'll eat chocolate cake and we'll buy history books.

        A letter from Israel.
        In this unit we’ll go over the present tense conjugation and the infinitive construct of pa'al-stem verbs, and we'll read the letter Danny (who came to Israel to study) wrote to his parents.

        What did you say? I didn’t hear!
        In this unit we'll finally begin learning the past tense! We'll learn the past tense conjugation of pa'al-stem verbs (regular verbs) and we'll read about Rachel's trip to Eilat.

        Very organized people do the same things every day. What about you?

        ??????? ????? ??????? ?? ???? Traveling throughout the world and keeping house.
        Dad and mom are traveling the world, while the children remain at home. In this unit, we'll learn many new verbs with the active construct (such as medabber (speak), metayyel (travel), meshalem (pay)…).

        What’s Cooking?
        In this unit, we will learn the past tense conjugation of Pi’el group.

        Mine – Yours.
        In this unit we will learn the inflection of the preposition “??”. So whose book is this? Mine or yours?

        Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
        We will watch the television program “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, and while doing so, we will learn many verbs in Pa'al group, Lamed-yod type such as ?????, ?????, ?????.

        Touring Israel.
        Yosi and Rina toured Israel for five days. Where did they go? What did they see? We will tour with them and learn the past tense conjugation of Pa'al group, Lamed-yod type such as ?????, ?????, ?????.

        It's Worth Your While!
        In this unit we will learn how to combine what we learned in the last two units. So how can I help you?

        The boy doesn't stop playing with the computer! What's to be done?
        Malka asks the psychologist for help. She has a problem. Her son Danny plays with the computer all day long. What do you think she should do?

        Feeling good.
        In this unit we will learn the past tense conjugation of Hif'il, such as ??????

        Present Tense.
        In this unit we will go over indirect speech and the present tense conjugation of Hitpa'el, such as ??????.

        Past Tense + Review.
        In this unit we will learn the past tense conjugation of Hitpa'el (such as ??????), and review the past tense conjugations of all the verb groups we have studied.

        To be With You.
        In this unit we will learn the inflection of the preposition “??”.

        In this unit we will read about two neighbors – one of whom is rich and the other is poor. How do they get along?

    Israel Institute of Biblical Studies:

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    Rooted in Israel and Judaism

    Students benefit from a full educational experience with an entirely new dimension that immerses them in the Bible's texts, land, people, language, and culture. Our supportive and social learning environment ensures that students are academically challenged through the in-depth study of the Bible. Professional and passionate teachers from the Holy Land of Israel lead each course. The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies has been recognized in Israel and the world as a prestigious academy for the study of biblical languages, culture, and history.

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